Treatment for Hypertension

Technology Description


This technology opportunity provides antisense oligomer compounds and methods for the treatment of hypertension that overcome the various limitations and drawbacks associated with the use of substrate inhibitors. The compounds accumulate in the kidney, which allows for efficient dosing, and can be developed for transdermal, subcutaneous, or oral administration. In certain embodiments, the compound may be especially effective in addressing the unmet medical needs relating to hypertension in the African American population. In addition, this technology provides an opportunity to inhibit kidney metabolism of cyclosporine, a drug used to prevent transplant rejection. Administration of this renal selective inhibitor of CYP3A5 will improve cyclosporine mediated immune suppression and thus reduce transplant rejection.


Features & Benefits


  • Renal selectivity
  • Gene specific capability
  • Effective at low dose




  • Hypertension Therapy
  • Anti-transplant rejection


Background of Invention


Over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from hypertension, or high blood pressure. Current approaches to treatment use substrate inhibitors that are too broad in that the substrate inhibitors for CYP3A5 also blocks CYP3A4 along with other CYP3A enzymes and potentially other cytochrome P450s in the body. The lack of specificity of substrate inhibitors can result in undesirable side effects, such as decreasing desired metabolic activities. Substrate inhibitors also cause reactive metabolic byproducts that can damage the kidney. A need exists for a treatment for hypertension that avoids the problems with substrate inhibitors. To address this need, researchers at Oregon State University have developed new therapeutic agents for the treatment of hypertension and a new approach by selectively preventing expression of CYP3A5 in the kidney.




Patent Pending. This technology is currently available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing.


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Joe Christison
Assistant Director, IP & Licensing
Oregon State University
Patrick Iversen
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