Chrissa Kioussi

Chrissa Kioussi investigates the molecular strategies responsible for organ development and regeneration. Her work has uncovered roles of genes that regulate cell fate, organ architecture and body homeostasis. She uses mouse models to understand the molecular mechanisms and signals that embryos normally use to make muscle. These strategies link regulated gene response to other cellular response systems during biological processes and disease states, and will lead to therapeutic approaches for regenerative medicine to cure cardiopathies, myopathies and growth defects.

Representative publications:

• Pax3: A paired domain gene as a regulator of PNS myelination. Kioussi, C., Gross, M. K. and Gruss, P. (1995). Neuron 15: 554-563.

• Pitx2 regulates lung asymmetry, cardiac positioning, and pituitary and tooth Morphogenesis. Kioussi, C., Lin C. R., O' Connell, S., Briata, P., Szeto, D., Liu, F., Izpisua-Belmonte, J.C. and Rosenfeld, M. G. (1999). Nature 401: 279-282.

• Identification of a Wnt/Dvl/Pitx pathway mediating cell type specific proliferation during development. Kioussi, C., Briata, P., Baek, S.H., Rose, D., Hamblet, N. S., Herman, T., Oghi K.A., Lin C., Gleiberman, A., Wang, J., Brault, V., Ruiz-Lozano, P., Nhugen, H.D., Kemler, R., Glass, C.K., Wynshaw-Boris, A. and Rosenfeld, M.G. (2002).

• Predicting Active Nodes in the Transcriptional Network Governing Neural Tube Patterning. Kioussi, C., Shih, H.P., Loflin, J. and Gross, M.K. (2006). Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 103(49): 18621-18626

• Cranial Muscle Defects of Pitx2 Mutants Result from Specification Defects in the First Branchial Arch. Shih H.P., Gross M.K and Kioussi C. (2007). Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 104(14) 5907-5912.

• Pitx2-mediated cardiac outflow tract remodeling. Ma H.Y., Xu J., Eng D., Gross M.K., Kioussi C. (2013) Dev Dyn. 242(5):456-68. doi: 10.1002/dvdy.23934.

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