Pressure Pass-Through Strain Sensor

Technology Description


This technology is a pressure pass-through apparatus for a distributed strain sensor assembly. It is made from readily available components configured in a novel and simple way to produce a highly reliable and very economical solution to passing optical fibers from a low-pressure environment to an elevated pressure. The apparatus described contains a fiber optic cable with connectors on each of the ends. It also contains a housing between each of the ends that is sealed with an epoxy resin; this prevents the pressure differential from having an impact on the signal transmission.


Features & Benefits

  • Economical
  • Reliably sealed
  • Enables measurement in low to high pressure environments



  • Optics based strain measurements in non-ambient environments
  • Monitoring, pressure, torque measurements


Background of Invention


Currently, there are a large number of measurement techniques that utilize fiber-optical means, the use of light to acquire measurement. However, these measurement techniques have limitations on how effective they are in certain state conditions of the environment. The current solutions are not reliable in cases when a signal needs to be transmitted between non-ambient (high pressure, high temperature, corrosive, etc.) environments and ambient environments via fiber optics. As a result, measurements are not always accurate in these scenarios. Current solutions are expensive and unreliable. This invention aims to enable a strain sensor to operate in conditions where fiber optics are passed from two environments with a pressure differential.




Patent pending; seeking development partners



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David Dickson
IP & Licensing Manager
Oregon State University
Wade Marcum
Aaron Weiss
Warren Jones
Ann Marie Phillips
Casey Jesse
John Kennedy
Daniel LaBrier
Chad Nixon
fiber optics
non-ambient environment
strain measurement
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