Fiducial Marker for CT and MRI


Technology Description


Attachable fiducial marker with optimized contrast medium that provides optimal imaging in CT and MRI. The marker is easily attached to body of a patient and features proven dual imaging capability that simplifies workflow to save time and money. The triangular design with single side crimp provides for fast and accurate linking of the location of a disease on CT or MRI images to the location of the disease within the patient. The markers are easy to manufacture and can be made from almost any plastic or elastomeric material, such as polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, or other polymeric material. The markers are so easy to construct they can even be made from medical IV tubing. Oregon State University is seeking a licensee to quickly bring this fiducial marker to market.


Features & Benefits


  • Dual imaging capability eliminates the need for separate CT and MRI markers
  • Simplified workflow saves time and money
  • Optimized contrast agent minimizes artifacts and beam hardening on CT.




  • Surgical planning
  • Image guided radiotherapy
  • Diagnostics


Background of Invention


A fiducial marker is a material fixed on, or within, the body near a target of interest that is visible during imaging procedures and that acts as a common reference point, linking the location of the disease on CT or MRI images to the location of the disease within the patient. However, a fiducial marker that is easily seen using CT is not necessarily visible on MRI, and vice versa. Oregon State University researchers from the College of Veterinary Medicine have invented and tested a new fiducial marker that can be used for both CT and MRI imaging.




U.S Patent Pending


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Joe Christison
Assistant Director, IP & Licensing
Oregon State University
Sarah Nemanic
Jesse Terry
Milan Milovancev
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