T-Pile: Software for Modeling Torsional Loading of Deep Foundations


Technology Description


This technology is a software tool using a finite difference method to solve the governing differential equations describing the behavior of a drilled shaft or driven pile subjected to torsional loads. This software is used to evaluate the torsional resistance and rotation response of drilled shafts or driven piles in complex multi-layered soils. Users can specify known information about the soil at various depths to accurately reflect soil characteristics. The model program is then validated with torsional loading test data.


Features & Benefits


  • Accurate finite difference model
  • User input of soil parameters at various depths
  • Calculates and models torsional load and resistance




  • Modeling torsional load for design
  • Prediction of foundation performance
  • Modeling response to seismic events


Background of Invention


Deep foundations (i.e., drilled shaft and driven pile), offer an excellent alternative for transferring the superstructure loads to the surrounding soil and rock stratigraphy. The design of these deep foundations must provide sufficient capacity to resist the maximum anticipated lateral and torsional loads resulting from wind gusts or seismic loading. Improper design of these supporting shafts and driven piles would adversely affect the safety and serviceability of the structure. The drilled shaft or driven pile is supported by the soil reactions around the shaft or pile and under the tip. However, this is a complex environment, including possibly numerous layers of soil and rock as well as variations in moisture content and other variable. Researchers at OSU have developed a new method to model and predict the torsional forces on drilled shafts and driven piles to better predict stability and performance under load.




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John Sweet
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Oregon State University
Armin Stuedlein
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