PVP Potato 'Purple Pelisse' (Oregon Tri-State)


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Purple Pelisse (POR01PG16-1) is a mid season specialty potato with purple skin and dark purple flesh. This selection is unique among commercially available purple varieties in that plants set a large number of smooth, small, fingerling-shaped tubers. Tubers are ideal for boiling or baking whole. Chips made from Purple Pelisse tubers retain their bright purple color and resist fading.


Purple Pelisse produces small fingerling-shaped tubers with purple skin and dark purple flesh. Tubers are smooth with shallow eyes that are concentrated at the bud end of the tuber with few tuber defects.


Chips made from Purple Pelisse in an Oregon taste test surpassed All Blue chips in color, appearance, and flavor and had no brown discoloration, a defect common to other purple varieties. Participants in the same trial preferred the color and appearance of steamed Purple Pelisse over similarly prepared All Blue samples.


Culinary quality tests were performed at Washington State University in 2006 and 2007 as part of the Regional Potato Variety Trial. Purple Pelisse and All Blue were similar in all categories.


Purple Pelisse has been exclusively licensed for production and sale. Please contact the Potato Variety Mangement Institute for questions about the availability of this variety.


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