PVP Bean, Dry Peruano 'Patron'

Technology Description

Oregon State University has developed a new cultivar of yellow seeded ‘Peruano’ market class dry bean. ‘Patron’ is an improvement over existing ‘Peruano’ cultivars in that it possesses the gene resistance to bean common mosaic and bean common mosaic necrosis viruses, and bct for resistance to beet curly top virus. These resistances are essential for production of dry beans in the intermountain western U.S. ‘Patron’ has seed color similar to ‘Peruano 87’, similar maturities, with higher yields. This cultivar is expected to enter into the steadily growing market for yellow beans, both here in the U.S., but also in Mexico where these types command a premium price in the market.

Features & Benefits

  • Disease resistance
  • Processing quality
  • Adapted for production in temperate bean producing regions of the U.S.


  • Supply the cello-pack trade in U.S. & Mexico
  • May be sold into the processing trade

Background of Invention

Beans with yellow seed coat have a long and rich history of production in the tropics and subtropics of Africa and the Americas, but are relatively unknown in North American food culture. Interest in the Peruano bean class has grown in the U.S., and therefore research has been conducted to adapt the Peruano beans to production in temperate growing regions.


PVP Application Filed