5th Amendment to A Radio-Frequency-Free Hybrid Electrostatic/ Magnetostatic Cell for Transporting, Trapping, and Dissociating Ions in Mass Spectrometers - Internal Electron Source Configurations


Technology Description


Most commercial tandem mass spectrometers analyze proteins through collision-induced dissociation (CID) for the fragmentation stage. While practical and robust, CID has low interpretation efficiency. This technology describes a novel way of protein analysis by coupling a thermionic electron source and electron-capture-dissociation (ECD) tandem liquid mass spectrometry. Once fitted in a mass spectra system, it can produce ECD product-ion mass spectra of a variety of syringe-infused peptides and small proteins without the aid of phase-specific electron injection into the cell, ion-trapping, or cooling gas.


Features & Benefits


  • Suitable for analyzing post-translational modified proteins
  • High data interpretation efficiency
  • Simple to fabricate, simple to operate, performs robustly, and requires little maintenance




  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Proteomics
  • Biomarkers


Background of Invention


The need to identify complex molecules in real-world samples has propelled mass spectrometry into a $3 billion industry growing 8% annually. The fragmentation of molecules within a mass spectrometer is necessary to accurately reveal their identity. The current approach uses a sledgehammer that complicates identification. Our technology use low-energy electrons as a scalpel to cut molecules with precision. We switch between three complementary methods of fragmentation in milliseconds to correctly identify molecules as large as whole proteins. These methods are well established, but are restricted to expensive research instruments because of the difficulty of confining low-energy electrons. We have solved this limitation by sculpting magnetic fields to confine electrons in a hockey puck-sized device that can be retrofitted into current mass spectrometers with minimal re-engineering.




Available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Electron Source For An Rf-Free Electronmagnetostatic Electron-Induced Dissociation Cell And Use In A Tandem Mass Spectrometer Utility United States 14/420,545 9305760 2/9/2015 4/5/2016 8/16/2032
Tech ID:
Chris Stoner
Oregon State University
Joseph Beckman
Valery Voinov
Douglas Barofsky
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