Snow Pea Exp. S1431

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The S1431 is a snow or Chinese pea with large, low-fiber and tasty medium-green pods intended for organic production. They should be harvested when pods are still flat and seeds have not yet developed. This cultivar is a tall vine with the first node at about 3.3 feet and should be trained to a trellis to facilitate multiple hand pickings over the growing season. They have smooth, round seed that have been selected for good germination and emergence in cool soils without the application of fungicide seed. S1431 has an excellent disease package with durable resistance to powdery mildew, pea enation mosaic virus resistance, Fusarium wilt race 1 resistance, and tolerance to red clover vein mosaic virus. Trial data is available upon request. With its strong disease resistance package and excellent pod quality, S1431 should have good potential for production not only in Oregon and the U.S., but also for winter production in Central and South America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Trial data available upon request. Licensee may have input into naming the cultivar.


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