Method for Protecting Location Privacy of Mobile Data Users


Technology Description


This algorithm enables an efficient scheme for cooperative spectrum sensing that protects the location privacy of SU’s with a low cryptographic overhead while guaranteeing an efficient spectrum sensing. This scheme is secure and robust against users dynamism, failures, and user maliciousness. Our performance analysis indicates that this scheme is significantly more efficient than all other counterpart schemes in terms of computation and communication overhead, even for increased values of the security parameters, but with the cost of including an additional entity in the network architecture.


Features & Benefits


  • Low overhead
  • Resilient
  • Accurate spectrum availability decision




  • Encryption of mobile user location information


Background of Invention


Cooperative spectrum sensing, despite its effectiveness in enabling dynamic spectrum access, suffers from location privacy threats, merely because secondary users (SUs)’ sensing reports that need to be shared with a fusion center to make spectrum availability decisions are highly correlated to the users’ locations. It is therefore important that cooperative spectrum sensing schemes be empowered with privacy preserving capabilities so as to provide SUs with incentives for participating in the sensing task.





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John Sweet
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Bechir Hamdaoui
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