Macromolecular Structure Determination without Crystallization


Technology Description


This technology describes ways to determine 3D protein structure at atomic-resolution without crystallization and protein purification through laser-induced orientation of individual macromolecules.


Features & Benefits


  • No protein crystallization required so works for membrane proteins
  • No derivatization of sample needed to solve phases
  • Minimal protein purification required and measurement can potentially be done directly from tissue samples
  • Adaptable for other macromolecules.


Background of Invention


Stage of development: 1). Successfully achieved laser induced alignment of a helium embedded phthalocyanine gallium chloride, which is more challenging than aligning a protein due to a smaller polarizability; 2). Fine tuning stage to deliver helium embedded macromolecule ions into orientation/diffraction zone for measurement. 3). Initial testing on well characterized protein after successful completion of stage 2.


Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING MOLECULAR STRUCTURE Utility United States 14/610,980 9279778 1/30/2015 3/8/2016 7/30/2032
Tech ID:
Chris Stoner
Oregon State University
Joseph Beckman
Wei Kong
Valery Voinov
William Freund
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