Blood Separation and Diagnostic Device

Technology Description

Oregon State University is seeking a licensee to develop and commercialize products based on a patent pending membrane device that provides a platform for blood separation and analysis. This device is a simple Janus-type membrane-based wicking microfluidic device fabricated on a polycaprolactone-filled glass microfiber membrane which enables separation of blood plasma/serum from whole blood, followed by collection. This device can be integrated with many chemistries and assays to develop inexpensive point-of-care diagnostic devices. It can also be used as a sample preparation device to separate blood plasma/serum to aid with sample analysis performed outside of the device. The device can be designed for use with a finger-prick volume or more (5 µL ~ 200 µL) of fresh blood or blood treated with anticoagulants to achieve inexpensive blood sample preparation.

Features & Benefits

  • Effective separation of blood plasma from whole blood at microliter scale without the use of centrifugation
  • May be integrated with many chemistries and assays
  • An inexpensive platform for blood separation and analysis


  • Blood Separation
  • Blood Tests
  • Diagnostics

Background of Invention

Blood tests can reveal valuable information about the cause of a disease and its symptoms, enabling early identification of critical health changes before they become severe medical conditions. An important step for many blood tests is separating blood plasma and/or serum from whole blood. Effectively separating blood remains a challenge for point of care diagnostics, and there remains a need for a device capable of providing quick and accurate blood separation and analysis on an integrated platform.


Patent Pending (U.S. provisional patent application)


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Joe Christison
Assistant Director, IP & Licensing
Oregon State University
Vincent Remcho
Gayan Bandara
Linus Unitan
fluid collection
Glass microfiber membrane
sample pretreatment
Wicking microfluidics
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