Apparatus for Water Desalination

Technology Description

This technology is a device that can utilize low-grade heat for efficient desalination with minimal fouling. It achieves zero liquid discharge through its utilization of high velocity gases and gas-solid separators to atomize highly saline water. The technology is modular, portable, and is running-cost competitive with large reverse osmosis desalination plants at a fraction of the overhead capital cost. The process is energy efficient and can utilize a wide variety of low-grade heat sources, including solar thermal and waste industrial heat.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular, light-weight, portable, and scalable design
  • Capable of treating saline water with over 100,000 ppm TDS.
  • Energy Efficient, optionally electrically charged
  • Zero Liquid Discharge


  • Remote or temporary desalination treatment
  • General desalination treatment

Background of Invention

Water treatment facilities are critical infrastructure that are increasingly unable to meet demand due to a combination of deferred maintenance, age, population growth, overuse, and increasing frequency and intensity of droughts that contribute to water scarcity. Desalination is a possible solution in any area where water with high total dissolved solids (TDS) is available, including seawater, agricultural run-off, and water generated from oil and gas wells. Membrane-based processes for desalination are widely used, however they often suffer from high operating costs, membrane fouling, and high electricity consumption. Additionally, they inherently cannot be the basis of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems. Thermal systems often accrue far higher energy costs, offset by having large, permanent desalination plants and performing this process in multiple stages. Therefore, there remains a need for ZLD technologies that can adequately remove TDS from water efficiently while reducing fouling and without the need for large capital costs or proximity to utility infrastructure.


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