Zebrafish Assay to Identify Chemical Modulators of Tissue Regeneration

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There are currently no vertebrate models that can be used to rapidly screen for small molecules that modulate tissue regeneration. This approach has the potential to revolutionize the field of regeneration medicine and provides an opportunity to identify the targets of identified bioactivities.

The present invention provides a rapid throughput zebrafish regeneration assay, which may be used to identify pathways essential for tissue regeneration.  Most vertebrates are incapable of tissue regeneration; however zebrafish have the remarkable capability to regenerate their fins, optic nerve, scales, heart and spinal cord.  This approach has previously not been used in its entirety to screen for novel compounds that perturb or stimulate tissue regeneration.

This invention provides a method for simultaneously screening at least two candidate agents for affecting regeneration of an embryonic teleost. The candidate agents may be any type of agent, including but not limited to a peptide, an amino acid a hormone, a lipid a small molecule or a carbohydrate.   

The promise of this invention and regenerative medicine is that therapies will be devised to promote the repair or replacement of damage or diseased tissues and organs.


 Issued U.S. Patent Number: 7,655,832




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