Ornamental Hazelnut - Red Dragon- Corylus avellana


Corylus: Red Dragon

Technology Reference: OSU-08-09

U.S. Patent: PP20694

Contact: Berry J. Treat, Licensing Manager Berry.Treat@oregonstate.edu

Product Features: Bright red foliage that continues late into the season; Moderate contortion produces branches that resemble curly willow; Canopy spreads rather than droop; Requires well-drained soil and plenty of light

Product Benefits: Resistant to eastern filbert blight; Requires minimal pruning; Red leaves, flowers, husks and nuts create a uniform red canopy; Blight resistance combinded with ornamental properties make Red Dragon sutiable for large scale landscaping projects

Oregon State University is seeking to commercialize Red Dragon, an ornamental hazelnut variety that combines red leaves and contorted growth with high resistance to eastern filbert blight.  Developed by the OSU Horticulture Department, Red Dragon is intended for ornamental purposes in residential and commercial landscaping industry. Red Dragon has received high ratings as an ornamental type for contorted growth habit, twig density and leaf color retention.  Other desirable features of Red Dragon include, moederate to high vigor (for easy propagation), optimal branch spreading and a dense canopy.  The nuts are slightly long and produced in clusters of one or two.



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