sEnergy Scavenging MECS Expander/Compressor

Researchers at OSU, Drs. Richard Peterson, Kevin Drost and Thomas Herron have developed a microtechnology-based heat actuated heat pumps for man portable cooling, vehicle cooling and distributed space conditioning. The key to portable applications of cooling is the development of a compact heat actuated heat pump that does not require electric power or shaft work. This eliminates the need for a portable power source needed by a vapor-compression cycle. Power sources (either batteries or power generators) tend to be heavy relative to the simple combustion equipment using in a heat actuated system. Previous research has shown with the inclusion of thermoelectric generators, the heat-actuated heat pumps can be completely independent of power sources. The key challenge is to develop a compact, orientation independent heat actuated cooling system. While we are developing several alternative systems, they all share the use of microtechnology-base heat and mass transfer enhancements to minimize the size and weight of the cooling systems.

For further information, see published U.S. Patent application 2008-0006040 A1
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