Emerald Sprite™ Cotoneaster × suecicus


Technology Description


The following traits have been repeatedly observed and are determined to be unique to Emerald Sprite™. Collectively, these traits distinguish ‘Emerald Sprite™ from other available cotoneasters.

  • Highly compact growth form with a clumping growth habit, as opposed to the more standard creeping habit
  • Resistance to fire blight
  • Extremely glossy, dark green leaves with purplish new growth
  • Excellent container prod uction performance
  • Short internodes
  • More vigorous and faster production than other dwarf cultivars such as ‘Tom Thumb’

Background of Invention  

Emerald Sprite™ (Cotoneaster x suecicus) is a new fire blight resistant cotoneaster cultivar with a highly compact, mounding habit, extremely dense foliage, short internodes. It is novel for its combination of habit and improved disease resistance.  



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