Sensors-Unit for Wind Turbine-Wildlife Interactions Monitoring and Deterrent



Technology Description


An integrated multi-sensor detection package with event-based data collection has been developed using accelerometers, microphones, and a cameras coupled with integrated signal processing. The sensors are installed directly on wind turbine blades and on-board processors wirelessly transmit data to the central controller and data acquisition system immediately after a collision. The accelerometers and contact microphones provide continuous temporal coverage for collision detection. The visual and IR cameras and bioacoustic recorders provide taxonomic classification. Wireless connectivity, low power consumption, and small size allow these sensors to be installed on existing turbines with minimal impact and easily integrated into new turbines.


Features & Benefits


  • Low-cost
  • Retrofittable on existing turbines
  • Easily integrated into new turbines
  • Temporal and spatial coverage




  • Bird and bat collision monitoring
  • Off-shore and terrestrial turbines
  • Species classification


Background of Invention


Wind turbines are a substantial and growing source of renewable electricity. However, the collision of endangered bird and bat species with turbines poses a serious barrier to turbine deployment, both offshore and on land. Standard carcass counting land survey methods are fraught with uncertainty and error, and this method is impossible for offshore turbines. An integrated multi-senor system, capable of providing temporal and spatial coverage of collision events has been developed to monitor collision events to address this need. The invention enables the environmental impacts of wind turbines to be remotely monitored and ensure the benefits of renewable power generation are not outweighed by mortality of protected species.




Provisional patent application filed. Seeking commercial development partner, available for licensing.





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