Nanostructured Coatings for Optoelectric Devices



Technology Description


The present invention is a nanostructured functional coating designed with both anti-reflective (AR) and down-shifting (DS) properties in order to increase efficiency in optoelectronic devices. The AR and DS nanoparticles are modified to create a thin film with a variable and controllable refractive index. Hollow silica nanoparticles (HSNPs) are used for the AR coating; they are promising due to their void space and cage-structured shell. Europium doped yttrium orthovanadate is used to create the DS layer. The combination of the two enables a gradient thin film to be produced, which increases transmittance and allows more usable photos to reach solar cells.


Features & Benefits


  • A gradient refractive index thin film
  • Mechanically stable
  • The ability to convert UV photos to visible photons




  • Coating on solar cells
  • Photodiode coatings
  • Sensor coatings
  • Lens coatings


Background of Invention


This technology is a nanostructural functional coating designed to increase the efficiency of energy conversion in optoelectronic devices. Current devices do not utilize the solar radiation spectrum efficiently. For example, the ultraviolet range of the spectrum accounts for a large portion of the spectrum, but is underutilized in many devices. The current invention provides a coating that contains both anti-reflective (AR) and down-shifting properties (DS). Both the AR and DS layers nanoparticle composition is modified in order to reduce reflectance yet still retain the down shifting function. The coating is designed with a gradient thin film comprised of different compositions in order to maintain quantum efficiency.




Provisional patent application submitted. Available for licensing.



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David Dickson
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