Microchemical Microfactories



Technology Description


The microchemical nanofactories(MN) are an apparatus and system for creating specialty chemicals, such as dendrimers. This apparatus has a laminated, microfluidic structure with a reactor and a separator. The reactor part can finish the micro-mixing and control the temperature of reactants, either a heater or a cooler. The separator can remove unused reactants and/or byproducts from the desired products. With the MN coupled together and with apparatuses running at the same time, chemicals can be created at a higher volume in a more productive fashion. Beyond the applications that this system has to create dendrimers, which have multiple applications themselves, this system can be reconfigured and designed to create an almost endless amount of different compounds.


Features & Benefits


  • Quick, clean and efficient synthesis
  • Reduced production costs
  • Broad possible applications
  • Scalable




  • Production of specialty chemicals, such as polymeric and pharmaceutical materials
  • Any solution based chemical synthesis
  • Dendrimers production


Background of Invention


The conventional approach to creating specialty chemicals such as polymeric and pharmaceutical materials is time consuming and usually inefficient. This is of interest because chemicals such as these are becoming a large part of the global economy. An example of such a specialty chemical are dendrimers, which have been found to have applications of catalysis, sensors, drug delivery and light harvesting. Dendrimers can be synthesized specifically for these different applications, but their production costs limit their usefulness. The two current approaches to creating chemicals such as dendrimers are divergent and convergent. With current methodology, the typical synthesis for full generations about 96 hours. The microchemical nanofactories(MN) can well solve those problems.




This technology has been tested in the laboratory and is ready to be licensed for use.


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