Four Step Asymmetric Synthesis of the Anti-asthma Drug Singulair



Technology Description


This technology is a simple and efficient way for synthesizing Singulair, a drug for the treatment of asthma and sesonal allergies.


Features & Benefits


  • Much more efficient and quicker synthesis pathway than that being used by big pharama (Merck)




  • Treatment for asthma and other allergic symptoms


Background of Invention


FDA approved commercial medication for asthma and other allergic symptoms features Singulair. The drug is currently manufactured by a Merck process that requires 10 steps and proceeds in 6.8% overall yield. Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered a very efficient way of synthesizing Singulair. This drug could have powerful implications for treatment of depression and neuropathic pain. Our synthesis requires 4 steps, proceeds in 73.3% overall yield and uses a novel catalyst we designed and developed for the key step­introduction of the important sulfur constituent into the molecule.




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Jianbo Hu
IP & Licensing Manager
Oregon State University
James White
Subrata Shaw
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