Engineering Tumor Organoids for Cancer Drug Testing


Technology Description


Diskoid In Geometrically Micropatterned Extracellular matrix (DIGME), is a 3D tissue patterning solution that controls the shape of cell organoids, as well as the surrounding ECM. Together, DIGME generates complex microenvironment niches closely mimicking physiological conditions to support and guide the invasion of tumor organoids or morphogenesis of tissue organoids. DIGME provides an un-precedent platform to provide hosting matrix for tissue engineering and regeneration. This is very helpful for testing new cancer drugs.


Features & Benefits


  • Sophistication: generate complex microenvironment closely mimicking physiological conditions
  • Flexibility: compatible with most mammalian cells, variety of ECM types, and capable of generating unlimited sets of tumor-ECM configurations
  • User-friendly: low-cost, easy to implement, compatible with confocal and epifluorescent imaging




  • Characterize invasive potential of patient-derived cancer cells
  • Test new drugs for cancer chemotherapy
  • Provide hosting matrix for tissue engineering and regeneration


Background of Invention


Geometry is an important aspect of tumors because it directly associates with the patient’s clinic outcome. Solid tumors develop into diverse shapes which correlate with their invasive potentials. During tumor metastasis, cancer cells experience different types of microenvironment which can be characterized by the microscopic geometry of the extracellular matrix (ECM). The fundamental understanding of the geometric effects in tumors is lacking because there is no integrated solution to generate a geometric-rich 3D tumor-ECM system. The invention addresses the needs through simple, low-cost mechanical-based strategies to generate 3D tumor models with complex, programmable geometry, offering unprecedented opportunities for therapeutic development.




Provisional patent application filed and available for exclusive license


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