Cancer Theranostic



Technology Description


Theranostic compounds that enable maximal surgical resection of tumors by combining real-time optical imaging with photodynamic (PDT) and photothermal (PTT) therapies in a single anti-cancer agent. Exposing the theranostic agents to near-infrared (NIR) light simultaneously generates a strong fluorescence signal inside of cancer cells and produces both toxic reactive oxygen species (PDT) and heat (PTT) for specific and efficient destruction of tumors. Activity against tumors has been demonstrated in mice bearing xenografts of ovarian cancer.


Features & Benefits


  • Single agent for intraoperative imaging, PDT, and PTT to treat neoplastic tissues
  • PTT approach for targeting low vascularized tumors
  • Reduction of treatment time, effort and cost versus multi-agent approaches
  • Photostable in aqueous media
  • Optimized near-infrared window to allow treatment of deep-seated cancers




  • Intraoperative cancer treatment
  • Intraoperative Imaging
  • Cancer Therapeutic


Background of Invention


Despite therapeutic advances in oncology, surgical resection remains the cornerstone of modern cancer treatment. Unfortunately, incomplete visual differentiation between tumor and normal tissue often limits the success of resections and results in residual microscopic tumors that ultimately contribute to relapse. Theranostic and phototherapeutic approaches, including imaging, photodynamic, and photothermal agents are promising approaches to improve cancer treatments. However, such approaches are hampered by limited therapeutic options, the need to administer multiple compounds, and poor solubility of some imaging agents. To overcome these limitations, researchers in the College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University developed a new therapeutic compound for simultaneous imaging and phototherapy.




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