Biomarkers for canine osteosarcoma


Oregon State University is seeking a licensee or research collaborator to develop and commercialize new biomarkers for canine osteosarcoma. These unique biomarker signatures may be employed to serve as a non-invasive diagnostic tool for detection, staging of disease, prognostication, and treatment. The top 10 discriminating proteins were utilized for logistic regression analysis and demonstrated that OSA-bearing dogs could be differentiated from control animals, including both healthy animals and animals suffering from traumatic fracture.


Features & Benefits:

1.       Improved outcomes for canine osteosarcoma patients



1.       Diagnostics

2.       Potential to research and develop tools that apply to pediatric populations


Canine osteosarcoma exhibits morphologic and genomic resemblance to pediatric OSA in humans, with dogs exhibiting ten times the incidence rate. The treatment options for both species are limited, and the prognosis is poor. The standard for diagnosis has not changed over the last several decades and includes primarily radiographic imaging of the affected limb and lungs followed by cytological or histological evaluation for confirmation and grading. Therefore, improved diagnostic tools are needed to better detect and stage the disease.

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